About Us

Photo of John Guertin

Photo by T.J. Hamilton Copyright 2004 The Grand Rapids Press. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

We make barns
into birdhouses

Barns Into Birdhouses® is the trademark of Heart & Eagle Company. It was born of John Guertin’s passion for the environment and his interest in architecture.

For twenty years our team has been handcrafting inspired nature products. We re-purpose nineteenth century barns, such as the Patterson barn in Grand Rapids MI; fallen pieces of history that are past their utility and slated for destruction. We harvest and preserve their remains and transform their ancient planks and siding into rugged works of art that defy the elements. Visit Our Blog for more about the Patterson barn.

From the beginning, durability and good design have been our hallmarks. We make unique bird houses, bird feeders, and bat houses that are both functional, rugged, and beautiful. They are a fusion of architecture and science, well researched for the needs of native birds. As seen on television and in the press, Heart & Eagle Company helps to make people aware of the need for Conservation. Wild habitats are diminishing, and the stewardship role of every person with good conscience becomes with each passing year more urgent.

bibh-red-florish-topOur creations encourage conscientious souls like you, to win back some time and a few more inches for our wild creatures. Our well-realized products help to preserve the environment.bibh-red-florish-bottom

From ancient barns, new homes for wildlife

Thaler Barn, Wayland Michigan, circa 1880.
Salvaged by Heart & Eagle Company, 2013.

Photo by Teresa Zbiciak

Bat house certified by Bat Conservation International

Nineteenth Century Craftsmanship In A 21st Century World

Our designs are inspired by the architecture of the Victorian Age and other periods and styles. In their creation we keep alive the ancient tradition of the artisan who takes pride in one’s work. Each piece we make is hand-crafted one at a time from century-old barn wood. We use fire and blacksmith forge irons to emblazon each piece with its marks. Heart & Eagle is our brand.

Our unique eight step paint and varnish finishing process ensures a weather-worthy home that will defy the elements and welcome songbirds and their kin to return year after year.

This is what we do. We make BARNS INTO BIRDHOUSES®