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Welcome to Barns into Birdhouses® by Heart & Eagle Company

The Victorian Sunburst Birdfeeder - by Heart & Eagle Company

The Victorian Sunburst Birdfeeder by Heart & Eagle Company.


Living Pieces of History

Nature Products, Handmade in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Our creations are a union of a love for architecture and a passion for the environment. It occurred to us, that by salvaging materials from old Michigan barns, once noble structures that have become destined for destruction by fire or the wrecker’s claw, a greater statement might be made about the purpose of conservation. That’s why we formed Heart & Eagle Company.


Our nature products are made from hand-picked, century-old barn siding, re-purposed from barns that vary in age from 140 to 100 years. To date, we have preserved the better part of seven barns, and used their historic pieces to build upwards of 2,000 durable and collectible birdhouses and bird feeders.

Heart & Eagle Company supplies its unique products to a diverse range of shops, museums, and botanical centers. Our clients and supporters include San Luis Rey Mission Church (Oceanside California), Frederik Meijer Gardens, Rob Mies, Director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, and former president Gerald R. Ford.


“You are a terrific artisan with your unique birdhouses.” – President Gerald R. Ford

quote used with permission, Susan Ford


Patterson Barn – Dan Johnson, 2003

So, why are barns painted red?

“The Archives of the Shiawasee County Historical Society explain that a week or two after a farmer would put iron scraps into a large barrel of buttermilk, that buttermilk would be transformed into a durable red paint.


That this paint was so easy and so inexpensive to make explains why so many barns were red in color.”


Source: Michigan’s Heritage Barns – Mary Keithan – Michigan State University Press


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